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In my weekly column for the Donegal News newspaper and on my Facebook page I regularly write about different D.I.Y tips for home décor, gift ideas as well as sharing fashion and accessories inspirations for you to try at home. Fashion is something I have always been passionate about since a young age and I love how fashion can be used as a means of self expression.
For years I have been up-cycling and reinventing my own clothes and accessories. I find up-cycling and creating very self satisfying and relaxing.  If anyone tuned into the Darren Kennedy’s new fashion TV show on RTE2 called #TRENDING on Thursday night ( If you missed it watch it here: http://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/10344372/ ) you would have heard me mention that “Im a MAGPIE!!!!”Yes I know, Cringe!!! But this is actually very true in my case! I absolutely love jewellery and accessories and I love their ability to change and transform an outfit. I am a big fan of statement pieces and have a massive collection of statement necklaces. Over the past two years I have designed and made several statement D.I.Y neckpieces which you can see here:



 During the summer months I had the idea of setting up D.I.Y fashion workshops for adults. I had loads of girls emailing me asking how I had made something that I had featured on my Facebook page or if I would ever run something like this for adults in the future. I am a secondary school art teacher and teach art, craft and design to teenagers on a daily basis so I figured teaching adults would be a pleasure, especially if they came to my class of their own free will!!! As well as teaching teens, since 2008 I have been successfully running my own arts and crafts summer workshop for kids called ‘CreativeKIDZ Art Camp’ so I have experience running creative workshop and I felt confident about setting up a successful workshop for adults.

  From my own experience of attending workshops I felt that the winter months would be the best time to run a workshop.  At the start of September I added a post to my Facebook page as a means of getting feedback and gauging with my readers to see if there would be much interest in my DIY Fashion workshop and I received lots of positive feedback and interest so from there I made the decision to bite the bullet and to go ahead with it.  I had always wanted to run fashion workshops for adults where I could demonstrate my D.I.Y fashion ideas and have fun inspiring others to get creative so I was extremely excited about this new project.

 Some photos of the room yesterday in the Town Hall, Ramelton, Co.Donegal where I ran my first DIY Fashion workshop.



  Yesterday I ran my very first  D.I.Y Fashion styling workshop in the Town Hall in Ramelton, Co.Donegal. For this workshop I decided to have limited places as I think the smaller the group the more intimate and I knew I could give them more one on one attention. Leading up to this workshop I had been spending my evenings making examples to show the girls and rallying around picking up unique beads, gems and supplies!
  The workshop started at 10.30am and I was there early in the morning setting up and decorating the room, choosing music and lighting candles! I wanted to achieve a really relaxed atmosphere and a day where the ladies could relax and have fun whilst making all of their D.I.Y garments and accessories. As the girls arrived one by one I will admit I had a few butterflies in my stomach and I was very excited to meet everyone and get started! I have to say they were the nicest group of girls, very friendly and creative and everyone got on so well. It definitely was a really girlie day out as the conversation flowed from fashion, celebs, the Xfactor to men going to strip clubs, ahem!!! It really was a laugh!!
A group photo of the lovely ladies who attended the workshop in Donegal on Saturday – they are all wearing some of their gorgeous D.I.Y pieces that they made on the day.

  The girls getting creative and inventive with their garments at the workshop…

                                                       All very focused in this pic!!!

Serious concentration!!!!
On the day the girls made D.I.Y Winter accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves and transformed these from very plain pieces to really beautiful and interesting accessories which you can see here:
Embellished gloves – they added jewels, pearls, flowers and little bows to decorate and brighten up plain winter gloves……




Two stunners who attended my workshop wearing their transformed winter hats & headband…


Teresa looking very stylish wearing her newly embellished clutch bag & DIY hat….she made this brooch for the hat from scratch on the day, very impressive.




The girls also reinvented their old winter jumpers and cardigans by adding embellishment. They added lace, pearls, beads, jewels, bows, flowers to brighten up their pieces and this was done by a combination on sewing and gluing.  I particularly loved watching the design process when they were laying the beads on the clothes to see what worked best.  Everyone had their own sense of style and ideas and they had the opportunity to be as creative and inventive as they liked. Some of the girls admitted that this was the very first time they had tried anything like this and said that they really enjoyed it and would definitely be making adjustments to their accessories and clothing in the future.








At the workshop the girls also transformed their old clutch bags and made the most stunning little brooches which are very versatile and they can add to their winter coats, hats and plain clutch bags!



Some DIY embellished clutch bags…


DIY brooches (little pins at the back!) that can be clipped into literally anything from coats, hats, scarves etc…..a very versatile piece to have in your jewellery collection.



For the workshop I had a table set up with various little treats and refreshment’s that the girls could nibble on while creating……

Thanks to Myrtle Doherty from Ramelton for making these fab butterfly yellow & turquoise cupcakes they went down a treat.

It really was a fantastic day and girls gave me some very positive feedback about my workshop. I am delighted that it was a success and I will definitely be running more D.I.Y workshops in the future. I was also asked to run a Christmas jumper D.I.Y workshop, which I think would be such a fun event but I sadly am pushed for time with my exhibition coming in in January in Cork! But next year I will definitely have to run one.

If you missed my workshop in Donegal and want to try something like this I am running my next workshop in Co.Sligo in Inion Veigh craft shop and art gallery, Co. Sligo on Saturday 22nd of November with Sligo creative Elaine Leydon (see my column in the Donegal news newspaper below to read all about Elaine).
I have a few places left so get in contact to make a booking – email zaramcdaid@hotmail.com.




 A big thank you to everyone who attended my very first D.I.Y Fashion Styling workshop on Saturday. It was lovely to meet you all & I hope to see you at future workshops.


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