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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my brand new website. I am so excited to finally reveal this new site and to have my very own little space online to continue writing about and sharing my interests and passions with you all. As some of you may know I have mainly been using my social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, twitter and Pinterest so it is very exciting to have this lovely shiny new platform to expand on this.

I want to say a BIG thank you to YOU for your continued support in my journey so far and I really hope you all love this blog as much as I do.



Thank you, thank you, thank you….

Firstly, I would like to thank my amazing friend Michelle Coyle. Michelle works in marketing and she single handily designed, created and built this website for me from scratch. She is somewhat of a little genius! This site has turned out exactly the way I envisaged and I am one very happy lady. Michelle is one of those friends who just ‘gets you’. She knew exactly what design and style would suit my personality, tastes and ultimately represent me. Not only is Michelle a talented marketer & web designer she has exquisite taste so I knew I would be in safe hands!  So thank you SOooo much Michelle for doing such a fantastic job. You have always been so encouraging and supportive of my work from the very beginning and I am so grateful for the amount of time you put into creating this for me and I am very lucky to have a friend like you.


Myself & Michelle



New Blog .. What to expect……

As most of you know my Blog is like a compact diary in a way combining my love and passion for art, fashion, styling and design. By day, I work as an art teacher and an artist and I have a keen eye for design, colour, print and texture right down to the little details.  I have always had a love and flair for fashion and styling. I enjoy putting my own unique twist on trends. For me fashion and art go hand in hand.  I enjoy nothing more than painting, sketching, designing and creating in my little studio space. Expect to see my own illustrations, D.I.Y creations, paintings and little doodles alongside my blog posts.  As most of you will know I have always had a huge amount of respect and appreciation for the artists, designers and creatives behind beautiful garments, products and accessories and I regularly write about and promote their work in my columns in the Donegal News newspaper and Sligo Now magazine and I will continue to do so on this new blog.




Expect to see me awkwardly posing in different outfits I have styled in my different look-books, sharing my favourite fashion finds, products, brands and accessories as well as discussing alternative and creative ways to style outfits alongside my own illustrations, doodles, paintings and sketches. I will continue to feature my favourite Irish designers, artists and fashionista’s whose work I appreciate, as well as designers that catch my eye on my travels. On top of all that I will be sharing my thoughts on tried and tested beauty products that I think are worth sharing with you. I will also write about places, spaces and little adventures I have enjoyed, be it in Ireland or abroad.


Overall, I will  share and write about the things that I feel passionate about, that I think are worth sharing and that I hope you will find interesting too.  Thank you once again for your continued support and encouragement and I am SO excited to share some new content I have been working on with you soon.


You can get in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest or email me directly to zaramcdaid@hotmail.com


Thanks for reading,


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