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Like most Irish fashion lovers I always enjoy tuning into TV3’s Xpose to keep up to date with all the latest fashion and beauty trends. I also love picking up their sister magazine ‘Xpose Magazine’ for some light reading. You can imagine my excitement when they contacted me to ask me to participate in the ‘How We Wear it’ feature of their magazine. If you are not familiar with this feature, it is where Xpose ask Irish bloggers to style an outfit based on a theme they assign them.

The theme they chose for me was ‘Own the Runway’ and they asked that I style my outfit based on Travel wear.





My Xpose Magazine feature





The photoshoot…..

For this photo shoot I worked with Sligo based photographer Klaudia Guierak of K G Photography.  I had seen some of her work in the past and I really loved her style so I thought that this project would be a great opportunity to work with her. As the shoot was based on the theme of travel Klaudia suggested we shoot outdoors so as to capture the natural light between 5- 7pm while it was still bright.  With ‘Own the Runway’ being the title of my feature she suggested Strandhill airport.  Conveniently, I live just fifteen minutes from the Sligo Airport and we would often go walking near there so it was a really handy location and fitted the theme perfectly. Klaudia was fantastic to work with and arranged everything from contacting the airport to get permission to take the photographs there to choosing the best places at the airport to take the shots. In case you are wondering the Strandhill airport is no longer in use and the staff welcome the public in to take photos and from time to time events are hosted there. Also the Strandhill peoples market takes place at the airport hanger every Sunday and it is amazing so do check it out if you are ever in the area.




IMG_9842b (2)





When I arrived to the Strandhill airport after work to meet Klaudia I will be honest I was pretty exhausted as I hadn’t stopped all day. I had very little time to change or fix my makeup after work so I was a little bit stressed!! BUT my mood was soon lifted when the airport staff member who had arranged to meet us to take us around the airport told us to hop into a massive fire engine truck!!! The airport grounds and runway are huge so he very kindly offered to drive us around to save us time and also because it was about to start raining any minute!! How lucky were we?!!! This was really unexpected so there were a lot of giggles as you can imagine! On the drive he informed us that since the airport has closed its mainly used for flying lessons/ training and that the grounds of the airport are regularly used for photoshoot’s with some amazing engagement shoots taking place here in the past. Check out this fabulous image by Mark Capilitan photography on the runway which I think is very striking.









We were really lucky to get a couple of nice shots just before it started to bucket down rain, at which point the fire engine came to our rescue!! Phew! The photo-shoot turned out to be a really fun and enjoyable experience.  I loved working with Klaudia who despite my awkwardness put me completely at ease and kept me giggling.




IMG_9843v (2)

The image that featured in Xpose Mag.





Styling …

I love Mc Elhinney’s Department Store in Co.Donegal and I have been shopping there ever since I can remember. That’s a  long time!!! What I love about this store is they stock some really beautiful unique brands. I also like that Mc Elhinney’s support Irish Design as well as local Donegal Designers. I sourced my entire outfit, my casual denim dress, the printed scarf and fabulous red fringed handbag in Mc Elhinney’s. If you have not been to Mc Elhinneys in Ballybofey, Co.Donegal please do make sure to put it on your to do list if you are ever in Donegal.  You can thank me later! For more information you can check out their website here and find them on Facebook here.



IMG_9812 (2)

Suede fringed bag available at Mc Elhinneys, Donegal


IMG_9828f (2)

Printed scarf available at Mc Elhinney’s, Donegal




How my feature looked in the magazine…








“When I travel I like to wear comfortable yet chic clothing. My interpretation of this theme was to create a casual look so I opted for a loosely fitted denim dress and I choose to add a pop of colour by accessorizing this with a vibrant animal print scarf. My style is very versatile and I love to add personal touches to my outfits by accessorizing. An oversized bag is every girl’s best friend when travelling so I choose this red suede fringed bag which also brings colour to the look. I completed this look with tan mules with a very comfortable low heel”

Top Tip: “Comfort is key when travelling but you can add versatility to your look by adding the right accessories”….








I would like to thank the very talented photographer Klaudia for working with me on this project and having such patience with me on the day of the photoshoot and for making it a fun experience! Thanks also to Strandhill airport for letting us take photographs in the airport grounds and to the guy with the fire truck for being such a gentleman! A big thank you to Xpose for this fantastic opportunity, I was thrilled to be asked to take part and I absolutely loved styling this outfit for it. And lastly to Mc Elhinney’s for this beautiful outfit.  It really is so exciting when opportunities like these present themselves, usually out of the blue, it is a sort of reassurance or a little pat on the back that you are doing something right. Here’s to many more exciting opportunities like this.




Thanks for reading,


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