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If you have been following some of my recent blog posts you will know that I have been offering my ideas and tips on tackling some of the most popular trends for the new Autumn/Winter season.  Trends such as choosing the the peffect winter coat and winter capes as well as how to a style classic monochrome look I hope you are finding these blogs both helpful and inspirational.


A trend I want to talk to you about today is one I really love. This Autumn/Winter we are seeing the catwalks to high-street stores awash with burgundy, berry and plum shades.  This really is the hue of the season and we are seeing it pop up everywhere, in suede’s, chunky knits, intricate beading to accessories and makeup. This colour palette is a must-have for the new season.  I really love this gorgeous deep shade, it epitomises the dark, warm richness of autumn.


When it comes to trends, I personally feel that they always work best when you put your own twist on a trend rather than copy them exactly as you see them in the magazines, on the catwalk and in store.  That’s what I like to do and I think it works for me.  It is very important that you stay true to your own personal style and ultimately what suits you and makes you feel good.  At the end of the day, fashion is fast and ever changing from one season to the next so you really want to invest in garments and accessories that you can wear in multiple ways, don’t get bored of and will have for years to come.  So do bare this in mind when trying out any of these trends.  As for this popular berry colour trend…. I love it.  I have always loved the berry colour palette as I know it compliments my sallow skin tone so over the years it has always been a colour I have been drawn to.  Hence why I seem to have a lot of clothing and accessories in this particular colour in my closet!






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  Zara - DENISE WEDDINg 412



  To be honest with you, I haven’t exactly invested in this trend or ran out to the shops to buy pieces specifically in this colour.   Although I did snap up this deep burgundy fedora hat which I spotted a few weeks ago in PENNEYS!  I have lots of different fedora hats in almost every shade now so when I saw this one I had to have it to add to my collection!! As I mentioned I have always loved burgundy, plum and berry tones and find this colour really compliments my sallow skin tone so I already had a few pieces in my wardrobe in this colour.  

  This is an outfit I wore recently to work for a casual dressy look and I then popped on my new plum fedora hat later that evening before I headed out for a bite to eat (fedora’s are great for those bad hair days!).  I am a secondary school art teacher so as you can imagine wearing certain things in the art room, such a white for example, are a BIG a no no!! I like to dress professionally but for me comfort is key.  I always wear a heel to work but a low heel as I spend most of my time on my feet walking around the art room helping students with their creations, getting supplies and offering hands on help with project work.  I never really wear anything that is too dressy or too ‘good’ shall we say to work either! I cant tell you how many times shirts, blazers or trousers have been completely destroyed with paint stains, spillages and the likes!! Teaching art is quite hands on and messy at times.  But you know, what I wouldn’t have it any other way!! I am very fortunate to love what I do and to be surrounded by beautiful artworks and creativity every single day.  Never a dull moment!  My sister Lisa kindly took this photo just as I was heading out the door! The sun is shining in these photos as you can see but 5 minutes later it started to rain!! Lucky I had that fedora hat on!! Please do excuse the strange facial expressions!! 

So that’s a little peak at how I have been embracing this popular Autumnal colour trend.










Shop my look:


Plum coloured fedora hat is a recent purchase from PENNEYS, you can also find nice alternatives here and here.

My knitted kimono style cardigan with black tasselled hem is a purchase from five years ago in PENNEYS also but I have found a similar cardigan here

My burgundy skinny jeans are from river island ( again two years ago!) but you can find a similar pair here.

My suede plum tee-bar heels are from TKmaxx which I bought two years ago… I found a very similar pair








If you don’t feel confident enough to try head to toe burgundy why not introduce this bold colour into your wardrobe with a handbag, scarf or pair of shoes. It’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself.  Below I have put together some of my favourite BERRY garments and accessories which I hope points you in the right direction to giving this gorgeous trend a go.







  Shop this look here    

Very Berry 1 - skirt Treat yourself to this fabulous leather skirt here

Buy this cute faux fur clutch bag with tassel attached here


Buy these burgundy boots from Mc Elhinney’s here

3872240681_1_1_1 3872240681_2_1_1

I love this midi skirt from ZARA…buy it here


Shop it here

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  On Friday night I will be meeting up with some friends in Sligo for a bite to eat and drinks and on Saturday I hope to head up home to Donegal as I have a lot of little jobs I need to start/finish this weekend.  I seem to be on the go a lot lately, but I love that. 

  Before I go, I would like to thank those of you who have been reading my blog posts and sending me sweet messages complimenting my brand new website (thanks to my friend & the web designer Michelle Coyle behind it all).  I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading these, which might sound silly but when I receive a nice email or message to my Facebook page asking about an outfit I wore in a blog post, looking for styling advise or just to say they enjoyed something that they read here I literally light up.  I think that it is so so thoughtful that people take the time to message me with such lovely positive words of encouragement.  So please keep them coming!  Thank you very, very much. 

Have a great weekend. xo

Thanks for reading,

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