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In last weeks new blogs I had mentioned that I had an irrational fear of turning thirty and I reflected on the lessons I learnt in my twenties.  My twenties truly were an amazing, fun filled time in my life with so many wonderful memories.  During the week I turned thirty (Agh!!)  and I knew that I wanted to do something to celebrate it.  At the weekend I headed home to my home town of Ramelton in Co.Donegal to celebrate reaching this milestone birthday with my nearest and dearest.  It was such a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, memories, love and friendship.

Today, as I write this I am feeling extremely blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  I was so spoilt all weekend and friends travelled from Sligo, Dublin and further afield to be in Donegal this weekend to celebrate with me.  What a night we had!!!





How cute is my cake!!!




I come from a very close family and my house is the sort of home where people are always welcome.  My parents love to see people popping by for tea and chats.  My mum especially looks forward to the girls visiting and we all sit around the large kitchen table and chat for hours over lots of cups of tea solving the worlds problems as well as our own!!!

I am not much of a planner normally but I knew I wanted to do something with both my family and friends to celebrate this big birthday!! On Saturday evening we invited some friends down to my parents house for cake, drinks and nibbles before heading into Letterkenny to HOUSE wine bar to meet the rest of the gang! I absolutely love HOUSE as a venue.  I especially love the fabulous vintage style décor.  Some of my friends from Dublin had never been here before and they were very impressed with it.  They all commented that it was ‘very me’!  I always find the staff in HOUSE are very attentive, friendly and welcoming.  After a few wines in HOUSE and catch up’s we headed next door into Voodoo Vintage.  This is another fabulous venue, continuing the vintage themed décor,  where there was an area reserved for all of us. To my surprise the staff had left a couple of bottles of champagne on the tables for us! I thought that was so thoughtful of them and a really lovely touch.




















with my mum





What I wore…..

  In a recent blog I had mentioned that I wanted a brand new dress to celebrate my birthday night in style.  I had told you about the struggle I was having finding a nice party dress for this occasion and that I had ordered a dress for the occasion online, it arrived, was WAY too big and it just didn’t suit me at all.  I then came across another gorgeous Bardot style silvery/white dress online.  I only tried it on the night before my birthday night and the zip would not even close!!! I foolishly had ordered from the petite range! I tried everything to get that zip up!! On Saturday morning I was a bit worried as I had left all of my dresses, accessories and heels in Sligo for the weekend. I was positive that the dress I had ordered would fit and I was really relying on it!

My sister Lisa, came to the rescue, as always!!  She popped into my bedroom where I was frantically trying on clothes, with the most beautiful embellished white/cream sequin dress.  I tried it on and it fitted like a glove! PHEW!  This embellished dress is only €54.00 and is from Boohoo and I loved wearing it.  I felt comfortable, elegant, and glamorous wearing it and the feedback  I received on Facebook when I posted a photo of it on Sunday evening was pretty overwhelming with everyone writing lovely kind comments and asking where I got it.  I teamed this dress with a simple pair of silver heels from NEW LOOK.   I kept accessories to a minimum as I felt there was already a lot going on in this dress with all of the sparkles.

The gorgeous stylist Jordan in Patrick Gildea hairdressing did my hair on Saturday in a loose up style which stayed perfectly in place all night, you can read my recent reviews both here and here on this glamorous award winning hair salon if you missed them.














Rory & I






How cute is this personalized card


























  My friends are really beautiful, stylish ladies as you can see and everyone looked absolutely stunning on the night.  Of course, so did all of the boyfriends, fiancés and husbands!!! We had such a lovely night.  Thanks to everyone who got in touch this weekend to wish me a happy birthday, it means a lot to me.  I received some amazing presents and gifts which I did not expect at all!! I feel so spoilt.  Next week Rory and I fly to New York!!!  What an amazing surprise!!! Rory had been keeping it a secret for months and he finally told me on Wednesday (my birthday!)  that this is where we were going! You can imagine my reaction!!! I was a bit overwhelmed!  It really is the trip of a lifetime.  This will be my first time in NYC.  It is a city that I have always been really curious about so I am really looking forward to our trip. 

Expect lots of updates and blogs on my NYC adventure.  If you have been to NYC before and have any tips or recommendations please feel free get in touch, I would love to hear from you. 





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