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I have been meaning to tell you all about my TV3 Xpose appearance for a while.  As you can imagine it was such an exciting, fun and valuable experience which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I have featured twice before in Xpose magazine where I had styled different looks based on a theme that the Xpose team assigned for me.  If you missed these, you can read all about my Travel Wear styling in Xpose magazine and my Boho style feature also.  I really enjoyed styling both looks.

  Back in August, I was contacted by TV3  Xpose to see if I would like to take part in their shows ‘trend tackler fashion’ panel.  I always enjoy watching Xpose every evening after work for my fashion and beauty fix and I am sure most fashion lovers will agree that this show offers some fantastic fashion and beauty tips and recommendations.  I also love that they promote and showcase Irish Design regularly on the show.  A highlight of Xpose for me is checking out the shows stylists, Holly Kate White, Suzanne Jackson, Kate O’ Toole, Sonja mohlich, Courtnery Smith and Lisa Fitzpatrick and their unique styling for the fashion features.  Each stylist has their own unique sense of style and I love how they all tackle current trends in a creative yet chic way.  So, you can only imagine how thrilled when I found out I would be on one of my favourite shows.










Lights, Camera, Action…

  Filming took place at a secret location in Dublin City centre at 1pm.  Rory and I travelled down to Dublin from Sligo early that morning. A week before this, I received all of the details in advance so that I could prepare and plan my outfits.  That week I was extremely busy, so I will admit I had great plans of going shopping for some new clothes and spending ages styling my outfits for it but I just didn’t get the chance to!  Everything seems to happen at once!  I had to bring three different outfits with me as we were filming for three shows on the same day.


When I arrived at the location for filming I met the other four ladies who I would be appearing alongside on the fashion panel.  Each and every one of these ladies were so lovely, friendly and we had one main thing in common…our love of fashion and styling!! We could have talked for hours!!

   I will admit, when I arrived into the studio space and saw the camera crew I was a little bit nervous but I made the decision to just go with the flow and enjoy the entire experience instead of worrying about it! All of the Xpose staff and camera crew were really friendly and spent some time chatting with us in between filming.

  We met Irene O’Brien,  the shows stylist for the trend tackler panel, who as always was impeccably dressed.  She was just as bubbly and friendly in person as she is on the show.  Lisa Cannon was the presenter that was asking us our opinions on each outfit that Irene had put together and I found Lisa very natural, easy going and relaxed.





  Despite what you might have thought we did not see the looks that Irene styled in advance so we didn’t actually have time to prepare what we wanted to say! But that was what it was all about, they wanted our honest reactions and opinions. I think if we had of seen each outfits beforehand probably wouldn’t have came across as natural and genuine. There were a lot of giggles amongst all of the girls in between filming each look!!  It really was so much fun.









I am very happy that I said yes to this fantastic opportunity to appear on one of my favourite fashion shows.  It was such an enjoyable experience and for me a very valuable one.  What I am learning more so than ever is that pressure is good for you and it pushes you outside of your comfort zone.  Before filming, I was nervous but when the cameras started rolling I felt very comfortable and relaxed.  I was speaking about a topic I am very passionate about, fashion, so I found it came easy and natural to me.  I enjoyed it so much that I would definitely love to do something like this again in the future.  Thanks to Xpose for inviting me along to take part.  Here’s hoping more opportunities like this come my way.

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