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Meet Mollie, the new love of our lives.  I always write about the things that I love or am passionate about and right now this little beauty has stolen my heart. Mollie has certainty been keeping Rory and I busy!! I wont lie, the potty training can prove tricky at times but she is very clever and is learning quite fast! Phew!!  Mollie is an eleven week old Cockapoo, meaning she is a mix between a cocker spaniel and a miniature poodle.  Mollie is full of fun and loves nothing more than climbing onto our laps for cuddles.  She has me completely wrapped around her baby finger/paw but knows not to mess with Rory!! It is safe to say we adore her.

All my life I have grown up having pets. Our very first family dogs were a cute little duo called Toto and Trixie, they were two tiny little Yorkshire terriers (mother and son) who were so hyper and fun.  I HATE cats with a passion (No offence to any cat lovers reading this!!) but the exception was Fluffy!! When I was around 15 years old we had a Persian cat called ‘Fluffy’ (very apt.!) which we all loved.  To us, Fluffy wasn’t a normal cat and she was so clever that at times you almost felt like at any minute she might talk to you!! When I was older we also had two gorgeous Labradors called Coco and Buddy. Our family dog at the moment is a great Dane called Holly who one could only describe as Scooby doo, loveable but not the most clever dog in the world!!  My dad has an interest in horses so we have a few lovely horses too.  Although I did horse riding for years at the Kilmacrennan stables and love horses I don’t help out with the horses much unless I need to as they seem to only listen to dad who has them spoilt rotten!! My family are animal lovers and it has clearly brushed off on me.  After all, animals are family and they bring such fun and love into your life.















Having a pet around the home has shown to have many therapeutic benefits.  Dogs encourage people to take more exercise which in turn often leads to more social interaction and higher energy levels.  A dog will encourage a playfulness in their owners by wanting to play games with them. Dog owners have lower blood pressure when they are presented with a stressful situation.  Playing games with a dog or pet can increase levels of serotonin and dopamine in a person’s body – both of these have relaxing and calming effects.



Today I thought I would share some really quirky creative gift & DIY ideas for your little furry friend! 


How adorable is this?? Perfect for our lovely rainy weather!!! I don’t think Rory would be too keen on this look for Mollie but!!!  You can buy this HERE.






This is so clever! It keeps your dogs bowls neat, tidy and out of the way! I found this idea HERE.






 Look at this!!! Super cute! You can buy this HERE.




For a trendy fashion accessory that’s great for your dog to wear check out this DIY dog bow tie tutorial. You’ll need a bit of sewing know-how in order to make this sweet DIY dog gift but your dog is sure to love the attention that such an unusual collar will bring him.  Watch the tutorial HERE.






If you have a small dog or one with joint problems, they may find it hard to jump up onto the sofa or your bed when they want some attention and a comfy place to sleep. Paint them a neutral colour to blend in with your home décor. These steps will help to ease any movement problems your dog has plus they’ll last for years!






I hope you have enjoyed this blog! It is just a bit of fun and I wanted to introduce you to little Mollie! Man’s best friends deserve gifts, too!  The weather has been so miserable lately it’s been difficult to get her out for walks, lets hope it improves this weekend as I am dying to introduce her to the beach.

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