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CreativeKidz Summer Art Camp



Today, I am a feeling very content, inspired and a little tired!  I have just finished a very productive, fun and creative week at CreativeKidz Summer Art camp in Donegal.  As most of you probably know by now, I am a secondary school art teacher and currently on my summer holidays. Not one to sit idle for too long, every summer for the past nine years I have run summer art camps for kids during my summer holidays. I genuinely do love teaching art and being surrounded by creativity so that was my motivation for setting  up CreativeKidz Art Camp all those years ago!  My Creativekidz art camps are a little different from my day job where I teach an art curriculum to teenagers.  The art camp is obviously catered for a much younger age group and is all about having fun with creativity as well as nurturing the kids talents and abilities in a fun environment.  I always love to see what the children create and talent spot. We organize fun and games in between each art activity to break it up which the kids really enjoyed. The games are always great opportunity for the kids to mix and make some new friends.







The art camp took place in the Town Hall in Ramelton in Donegal, my home town where I grew up. I have been running my art camps here since the very beginning as the room we use is just perfect for my art camp and it is spacious and well lit.  We also have access to the hall for fun and games and the kitchen for lunch breaks which is handy.

The art camp was for kids aged 6-12years old and we designed a fresh new, creative summer programme for the week that catered to the broad range of age groups and abilities.  A lot of the same kids return to our camp each summer so we like to change the programme each year. This year I took on a couple of 5 year old’s as their siblings were attending, which I was a little hesitant in the beginning about but thankfully they enjoyed the week and were as good as gold.



Karen & Rita (on right) with the kids & their Slate art creations



During the week I had help running the camp from Karen Gallagher who is a talented artist based in Kilmacrennan in Donegal.  Her calm, easy going nature and her creative ideas were invaluable to me this week.  Towards the end of the week Rita Boyce who is a graphic design student at LYIT joined us to lend a hand. Rita is another very talented individual who was also a great help to us and very patient with the children. It was so nice to hang out with artistic like minded people who share my passion for art.


IMG_3074 (2)


IMG_3031 (2)


IMG_3030 (2)


IMG_3029 (2)





Throughout the week the kids tried out a number of art and crafts aimed at their age groups and abilities which you can see from the images to follow which Karen photographed. 

They created paintings inspired by the movie ‘UP’ and colourful silhouette paintings inspired by a rainy day where they blew the paint around the paper through a large straw to create rain drops effects.  They loved the novelty of using the long straws and there were lots of giggles that day! They designed and decorated their own pottery and photo frames made from air drying clay.  Some of the boys made little monsters and attached feather and googly eyes while the girls made some cute and colourful jewellery pieces. They made butterfly collages using crepe papers, fabrics, beads and buttons and they also created artwork using coffee beans. They painted beautiful dolphins on large black slates as well as learning how to draw their favourite cartoon characters.  They tried something new each day and we were able to give them one to one attention and help draw our their natural talents and abilities throughout the week.


See some images of their work below…. 






IMG_2979 (2)

Finger prints to create the balloons


IMG_2987 (2)

IMG_2968 (2)



IMG_3057 (2)

IMG_3050 (2)



IMG_2984 (2)


IMG_2982 (2)


IMG_3077 (2)




IMG_3003 (2)

IMG_3063 (2)

IMG_2962 (2)

IMG_3012 (2)

coffee 222


IMG_3019 (2)

IMG_3071 (2)





Thankfully the art camp was a great success again this year.  I would like to thank all of the parents who enrolled their children in my camp. The kids made some gorgeous creations and most importantlty had they fun! A number of parents asked us if we could consider running after school art classes and Karen is going to set up an art school in September to cater to kids who want to improve on their artistic abilities.  There will be limited places on this after school art group so please get in touch asap to reserve a place for your child. Get in touch if this might interest you to and I can pass on Karen’s details to you.  A special thanks to Jean Winston again for the gorgeous, spacious and well lit room in the town hall in Ramelton where we ran the art camp. And of course a HUGE thank you to Karen and Rita who helped me run the art camp this week, they were invaluable.




I am thinking of running a three day art camp in August (Wed 10th -Fri 12th Aug) so anyone who is interested in this please get in touch at There will be 15 places available. The three day art camp is for kids aged 5-12 years old and runs from 10.30-2.30 Wed 10th to Friday 12th August and we will design an exciting new art programme especially for it.









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