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Sorry I have been a bit quiet on here lately, I have been out and about making the most of the gorgeous weather.  I took a little break after running my CreativeKidz summer art camp at the start of July. You can read all about the art camp HERE.  I plan of running lots more art workshops for both adults and children from September so stay tuned for all the details. As many of you know I am a secondary school art teacher and currently on my summer holidays!  Although I am on this break I always feel a sense of guilt if I am not busy and working on something productive.  In saying that, I am starting to realise that of course it is important to keep active but it is just as important to switch off,  recharge the batteries and fully enjoy this time off.  Over the past two weeks, I have been in complete holiday mode.  I have been going for long beach walks, eating out ( A LOT!!), sketching and pampering myself.  Sure why not!! After all, I am on my summer holidays and the end of August won’t be long coming around!!


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At the weekend my parents came to visit us in Sligo.  Every time they visit they remark on how beautiful Sligo is, especially Strandhill where my boyfriend Rory and his family grew up. We spend a lot of time in Strandhill and if you have ever visited the area you will understand why. While my parents were here we went for a walk to one of my favourite spots, Union Wood.  My poor parents hadn’t anticipated the length of the walk or the hot weather so they hadn’t brought comfortable walking gear with them, but that did not stop them!!  I kept telling my dad it would be worth it once we get to the top!!! I have to say that is one thing I love about my parents, you will rarely hear them complain and they are always up for a new adventure.  Since posting a photo from my walk to union wood on FACEBOOK, a lot of you had contacted me asking for details of this walk so below I fill you in on everything you need to know about this gorgeous walk.











About the Union ROCK Trail..

Union wood is a large area of mixed forestry located between Coolooney, Ballygawley and Ballisodare and provides a wonderful amenity for Sligo.  This is a walk that I found when I used to live in Coolooney and we did quite regularly. On Sunday we decided to take the route from Ballisodare. This route takes you through a gorgeous woodland area which provided bouts of shelter from the sun.  The walk in total takes approx. 45mins and the route that provides access to Union Rock necessitates a climb on wooden planks, (similar to the new path at Knocknarea).  It can be tough in the heat but the effort is completely worth it when you get to the top for the gorgeous view of the surrounding countryside.

TOP TIP: Come prepared, bring sun cream (if this fine weather stays!) and water!!! By the time we got back to watch the Donegal game we were VERY de-hydrated!!


Walkway through the forest

Walkway through the forest









If you are visiting Sligo or if you live locally and this is a walk you haven’t checked out yet then I highly recommend you do.  It really is one of the most beautiful walks in Sligo and the views from the top of Union Rock are worth it!!!


Enjoy the sunshine everyone xo


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