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So we got through Monday!! Phew! I am slowly starting to feel human again, after being sick last week and feeling so weak and drained.  I have a lot of work to catch up on this week so it will be a busy one for me, but I am really looking forward to midterm break next week which really couldn’t have come at a better time.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the importance of having an artist studio or creative space of your own. Since moving into our new house during the summer, I hadn’t got round to carrying out my plan’s of turning a spare room into a little art studio/office space.  I have always been used to having an art studio and my own space to create. I find that I really can’t focus on my work fully without one.  At my family home in Ramelton, my parent’s turned our large attic space into a studio as they both paint too, so I am able to use that space whenever I like which is great.  During my time at art college we were all assigned a little studio space of our own to work in which I loved.  I love having an art studio and it is the space where I can create, draw, paint, make a mess (guilt free) and get lost in my own little world!! In our new house, thankfully we have so much more room than we ever had so over the next few week’s I will finish making one of our spare room’s into a studio/office room.

In the photo that you saw at the start of this blog, I give you a little peak into the studio that I had in my previous house. It was quite small, with a large desk, lot’s of light and enough space for my easel and canvases.  I loved going into that little room, turning the music up loud and getting lost in my painting’s and design’s. I also hung up some of my drawing’s, sketche’s, artwork I had collected of other artist’s work, magazine cut outs, postcards, you name it, anything that I found visually appealing and inspiring would go on my wall. The new room that I am now converting into a studio has much more space so I will have more room to add in shelving, storage cabinets, a large desk and a nice inspiration wall. I hope to keep this studio more organized, tidy and less chaotic than my previous studio’s!!!

I have really missed having my own studio over the last couple of month’s.  It just isn’t the same drawing and painting at the kitchen table. You feel a little guilty for making such a mess and you have to clear everything away after you have finished! It certainty isn’t ideal as I like to take time out then come back to my work, so unpacking and packing put’s me off and is distracting. As you can imagine, it is incredibly important to have a separate space that is just for your art. As artist’s we all know how hard it is to switch gears when working on our art. It take’s time to find the focus we need when we first sit down and maybe even more time to mentally put it away when we’re ready to be done for the day.  Having a separate space for your art and business force’s you to move your body from one place to the other. Moving your body helps reinforce the idea of switching from one gear to the other and can help you create some distance between the two.  It is also important to decorate your space. Fill it with thing’s you find inspiring and interesting.  I always hang my artwork, sketches, photograph’s, postcards, prints and cards around my studio space walls to help inspire me. I just love being surrounded with the thing’s I love.  You can see more of my previous studio HERE.

It isn’t just the “separation” that makes your art studio different than your home; it’s also how you set it up.  Below I mention some TIPS to consider when creating a studio space that inspires creativity. I can’t wait to have my studio finished and have a space of my own to get creative in. Below I have added some images of studio spaces that I love for their inspiration walls, fantastic lighting, clever storage ideas and desk’s. (all images are from Pinterest)





My previous studio space desk area


My previous studio inspiration wall







Create an inspiration wall:

 Inspiration walls are much needed if you like to spend your free time clipping magazines or tend to accumulate cards, artwork, prints or postcards, like I do. As you can see from the last two photo’s above, I always hang my artwork, sketch’s, photographs, postcards and prints  around my studio space to inspire me. It is a nice feeling to be surrounded by the thing’s I love.  I definitely recommend you make an inspiration wall if making your own homemade studio.




Inspiration Wall Idea – Image from Pinterest











Hang artwork & prints: 

Studio walls are the perfect place to hang print’s you’ve accumulated over the years. Alternatively, you could buy a large vision board, hang it above your desk and attach your sketch’s and prints to it.  Colourful graphic’s are sure to get your creative juices flowing.




Inspiration & wall hangings – Image from Pinterest



Images hung on large boards – Image from Pinterest



Vision Board Inspiration – Image from Google Images





Good Lighting:

Having more than one light source is a great way to illuminate just what you are focusing on rather than lighting the entire room. Where possible, try to position your desk near the window. If you do not have a large window in your studio space, keep your eye’s peeled for desk lamps. I really like these lamps from IKEA, here, here and here






Amazing lighting – Image from Pinterest




Lighting inspiration – Image from Pinterest




Great Lighting – Image from Pinterest





Good storage: 

Obviously is is very important to have good storage in your studio space so that your tools remain neat and orderly.  There is nothing worse than your equipment and material’s lying all over the place and you can’t find what you are looking for when you need it.  Art studio’s are normally quite messy space’s but it is important that you do keep it as neat and tidy as possible as you will find your head space is clearer when working in a tidy studio.



Storage Idea for art supplies – Image from Pinterest


Idea for stationary storage – Image from Pinterest



Storage cabinets – Great idea – Image from Pinterest




Art studio storage idea – Image from Pinterest





A good desk:


You will definitely need a good desk to work from.  This is where you will spend all of your time.  I always love working on white desk’s as I find my artwork is visually more striking.  I am currently looking for a new desk for my studio room.  I came across some nice desk’s on IKEA lately, here, here and here. I think I am going to invest in this one.


Desk area inspiration – Image from Pinterest


Desk inspiration – Image from Pinterest



So if you are turning a room in your house into an art studio/office space I hope you found some of these tips to consider helpful.  I literally want every studio space in the image’s I have added above!!! I hope mine will be as nice! When I have it completely finished I will give you a little look inside and I hope to show you some of my new work soon also.  In the meantime you can check out some of my artwork HERE and buy my limited edition print’s and notebook’s HERE.







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