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Let’s face it,  I am a girlie girl who enjoys treating herself and being pampered! Who doesn’t!!  It isn’t very often that I write makeup, hair or beauty reviews on my blog. With regards makeup I usually prefer to do my own and I try to keep it as natural as possible, When I am attending an event or a wedding I love nothing more than a visit to a makeup artist’s studio.  I always say leave it to the experts for the best results. When it comes to my hair I love going to Patrick Gildea’s which is based in Letterkenny. I have talked about my experiences in this stylish award winning salon many times on both my blog and social media account’s as I just always get exactly what I want when I go here.  You can read some of my hair style & hair care recommendations from Patrick Gildea’s HERE, HERE & HERE.  On Saturday I am popping in for a cut and colour which I am really looking forward to.  Believe me, my hair needs it!! Lastly, when it comes to beauty, let’s be honest,  I am definitely no expert in this area and again I prefer to leave it up to the experts in the industry.  I see skincare as an investment and our skin is something that we really do need to look after.  No amount of makeup or gorgeous hairstyles can cover up damaged and unloved skin. Although I am no makeup, hair or skincare expert, I always love sharing and recommending any beauty, hair and skincare find’s that I have had a positive experience with.

With that said,  today I wanted to tell you about my dermaplane facial experience in Salus beauty salon in Ballidosare, Sligo.



On the lead up to Christmas I had been very slack with my skincare routine.  I hadn’t been cleansing or moisturizing as regularly as I should have.  I sort of neglected by skin.  My water intake went from 2-3 Litres a day to maybe one small glass of water with dinner! I was also drinking a lot more coffee than I usually would. As a result of all of a combination of these things, my skin had not been looking as hydrated or as fresh as I would have liked it to have been.  When Katrina who is the owner of Salus beauty salon in Ballisodare got in touch to ask if I would like to try out their dermaplane facials, I said yes, yes, yes!!  Her invitation really could not have came at a better time.  It was exactly what my skin needed.


During the dermaplane facial I shared some photo’s and video’s of my dermaplane experience LIVE on my insta-stores ( instagram username: ZARA MC DAID) and also on snap-chat (username: zaramcdaid123) and LOTS of you were getting in touch asking lot’s of questions & eager to find out more about this type of facial.



Below, I answer all of your questions…..











What is Dermaplanning?

Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a tiny 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.





How long does the treatment take?

It normally takes 1hour 15mins.






How is the skin prepared in advance of this facial?

They will always do a double cleanse to ensure that all product is removed from the skin.  They use warm towels with all of their facials. Then there is a special PH prep. used to ensure that all traces of sweat and sebum is removed.





What happens during a Dermaplane facial?

Using a scalpel and a delicate touch, the therapist simply abrades the surface of the skin using light feathering strokes, removing all the dead skin cells and the fine vellus hair.






Is a dermaplane facial sore?

Not at all. I honestly didn’t feel a thing except a very light stroking sensation across the surface of my skin.  It was not sore at all. I will admit I was a little worried when I saw the tiny scalpel but Katrina assured me that it was an extremely gentle procedure and the scalpel would remove all of the dead skin cells without me feeling a thing. She was right and it was not sore or uncomfortable at any stage.





Does the scapel remove facial hair?

It removes the fine facial hair but don’t worry the hair does not grow back any stronger, longer or darker as it is physically impossible for this to happen.





How often should someone get a dermaplane facial?

Normally every four to six weeks to give the skin time to replenish.  Katrina mentioned that she would not recommend getting this type of facial for the first time the week off an important event ie. a wedding. However, if you have had it done before and had no reactions and were happy with the resullts, then you can have it done a week or two before an event.







How much does this facial cost?

This specialized facial is €100.  Yes, this is a little pricey but this is a luxury skincare treatment that you really would only get done once every couple of month’s.  After all, your skin is an investment.  You wouldn’t think twice about spending €100 on a new outfit or a nice meal!!!




What is the white face mask hat is applied after the facial made up of & what does it do?

Every salon varies with the type of face mask they use after facials. Salus like to use the academe modelling mask for both its soothing and cooling qualities due to the presence of seaweed. Katrina also uses Hyloronice acid as this is a component naturally found within the joints, eyes and skin –  a vital natural component which keeps the skin hydrated, refreshed and renewed. Yes to that!!







What is a real positive of getting a dermaplane facial?

The best thing about the dermanplane facial is that everyone can have one of these facials, older ladies love it for the removal of all the fine vellius hair and younger ladies love the dewy natural glow they get from it.  Personally, it has left my skin looking brighter, fresher and it definitely has a noticeable dewy glow which I am loving of course!






Does the skin break out after one of these facials?

The skin should not break out after a dermaplane facial as all of the products used after are soothing and cooling products.  My skin did not break out in spots after this facial but I normally do find that a few days after any facial it normally would.  I was very happy when my skin didn’t even have one blemish days after the dermaplane facial.






Photo 08-02-2017, 10 29 21 (1)

This photo was taken an hour after my dermaplane facial after I had applied some oil Katrina had given me.  As you can see my skin had calmed down a lot at this stage & had a lovely dewy glow to it. 






Does it leave your skin leaving very red after facial?

Katrina says to her facial client’s whether they are receiving a Dermaplane facial or one of her specialist facials that it is results driven and the skin will not look great when leaving the salon and it will, as with all facials, look a little red. However, after a number of days have past and when the skin has had time to repair and heal, the results speak will for themselves. My skin had a real glow to it after the facial, but it settled within a couple of hours and the next morning my skin looked fresh and bright and felt really soft.  I wore barely any makeup to work over the next couple of days after the facial to give my skin some time to breath but when I did start wearing more makeup I found that my foundation just glided on to the skin so smoothly and it looked way more even than usual.






Photo 24-02-2017, 20 31 30

A photo of my skin a few days after my dermaplane facial @ Salus Beauty Salon. I am wearing a very minimum amount of foundation in this photo which went on very smoothly and evenly.






So as you can tell from this very positive review, I highly recommend you pop into Salus Beauty Salon in Ballisodare to try their dermaplane facial if your skin is in need of some TLC.  Katrina is so friendly, professional and a real expert when it comes to skincare.  She also gave me some fantastic tips and advice on my skincare routine preparing for a wedding and suggested some products to keep my skin hydrated and fresh going forward. I will definitely be back to Salus Beauty Salon for more skincare advice in the coming months.



Contact: Katrina @ Salus beauty salon on Facebook HERE.

For appointments tel: (071) 913 0707











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