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Hi everyone,



I hope you are all having a great week.  Firstly, a little catch up, then I tell you about how my recent hen party went and show you the white embellished dress that I wore.  After that, I share some hen party dress options for any of you bride’s to be out there.

I have been extremely busy over the last couple of week’s with after work evening meeting’s and lot’s of little jobs to do on the lead up to our wedding which is now less than 18 days away!!  I had NO idea how much work was involved in planning a wedding to be honest. Let’s face it, there was a lot more I had hoped to do before hand too but time just flew by.  You end up having so many long ‘to do’ list’s but you have to be realistic at the same time. You simply can’t do it all. After all, it is just one day, a big party for your close friends and family but it is what comes after that that really matters – the marriage itself.  I think some people tend to lose sight of that and get carried away. It really is non stop as it get’s closer to the date BUT we are getting there and looking forward to the day.  I can’t wait to have all ‘the little jobs’ done and dusted at this stage. IT helps that my family and bridesmaids have been such an amazing help to us too.

The lead up to a wedding can be an exiting time but also very busy and somewhat tiring.  With being a teacher and choosing to have our wedding during the school year instead of during the summer holiday’s, I have found it difficult to get everything done whilst still teaching. Christmas is such a hectic time of the year for everyone anyway but I find it is an especially busy time for teachers. We have student’s Christmas exams and those corrections, then over 150 or more personalized report’s to complete before parent teacher meeting’s. I have very close to full time teaching hours this year (which I am delighted about ) which means a larger work load, more reports/prep.work and corrections are taking up a lot more of my time these days. Up until the start of November,  I had also been running adult evening art classes two evenings a week, which I thoroughly enjoyed and plan on running more in the new year which had also kept me busy .  I guess everyone is busy and we all just manage. I am not complaining as I do love what I do and feel so lucky to have a job and to be able to teach a subject that I am very passionate about.  In saying that, wedding planning while juggling work priorities is a good way of keeping the mind pre-occupied and distracted on a lead up to a wedding to keep any wee nerves at bay!








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At the end of November I had my hen party in Mullingar.  It was all very top secret.  The only thing I told my bridesmaid’s was that I just wanted it to be on a Saturday only, not two days.  I also asked that there would be no theme so my friends didn’t have to source a certain type of costume or outfit colour – they could wear whatever they wanted to.  My bridesmaid’s choose the location and although I do usually like to be in charge I actually loved not knowing what to expect.  It took the pressure off me and made it all the more exciting. Although, in saying that, closer to the time, I did manage to get it out of them that they were taking me to Mullingar!!  This was a great location as it wasn’t too far for my friends from Donegal, Dublin and Sligo to travel to and no one had actually been at a hen in Mullingar before! It was something different.  I kept saying ‘But, what is in Mullingar??!!’

It was a fantastic weekend and my three beautiful bridesmaid’s, Lisa, Mairead and Sinead did a truly amazing job. They really were fabulous hostesses and thought of every little detail from gorgeous personalized champagne flutes, hair & makeup, a party bus to take us there and back, handmade goodie bags, a sentimental memory book, nightclub antics, cocktails,  mollie (my dog/fur baby!) cupcakes by Carmels Cakes, a fabulous three course meal, hampers packed full of treats in everyone’s rooms, processo on tap, the ‘the I do crew’ tops for the girls to wear…all of this to choosing a really unique and fun downtown abbey themed activity and afternoon tea in Mullingar which brought constant giggles and fun.

If you are planning a hen party check out all the detail’s of this downtown abbey experience HERE.  I highly recommend it.  I especially loved when we got to go into the gorgeous Victorian style rooms which were filled with clothing, jewellery and accessories from that era and we could play dress up! If your girls love fashion and dressing up this activity is ideal.


My bridesmaid’s really did put so much effort and detail into everything.  I had a brilliant time with my nearest and dearest, bar a few who could not make it (we missed you!!). So much laughter and SO much fun! I think the highlight for everyone going home was when they made me dress up as a Heinz ketchup bottle!! (the brats!!)


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Hen parties really are a special time.  Not only is it a great chance to catch up with close friends you don’t get to see every week, it also prep’s you for your wedding day in that you are the center of attention for the entire day which felt a bit surreal!  I am feeling so lucky to have such amazing friends and family who made the weekend so special for me.  Memories for a lifetime!  Thank you so much girls xo







Since posting a photo of my dress  I have had so many compliment’s about the white embellished dress that I wore on the Saturday night of my hen party. Today I thought I would share detail’s and share some alternative white hen party dress options for any brides to be who are looking for something special to wear to their hen party.  You could also wear one of the dresses featured below for a night out over Christmas.


I knew I wanted to wear something white to my hen. I know that it is traditional but let’s face it there really are not many opportunities to wear white so I thought why not! I always like to do my own thing when it comes to style so I had toyed with the idea of a coloured dress or something a bit different but when I spotted this gorgeous embellished white dress on ASOS my mind was made up and I bought it straight away after sending a photo to my bridesmaids for approval first!! The girls persuaded me to go for it and I bought it right away.


I absolutely loved wearing this dress, I felt a million dollars in it. So many of you have asked me if this will be the style of dress I will wear for my wedding day and the answer is NO! They always say you end up choosing a wedding dress that you did not imagine you would.  You will just have to wait and see what I chose! I love my dress so much and am very excited to collect it this weekend after the final dress fitting.



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PS: The photo’s I have featured of my dress in this blog are not great quality as I didn’t really take many ‘posed’ photos that night as I just having too much fun. 

My dress is now sold out but I have decided to attach some alternative dresses below which could be worn for a hen party night.




Keep scrolling for my favourite white dress option for hen parties.












I was actually going to buy this very pretty lace white dress from Prettylittlething as an alternative option to wear on my hen night if I didn’t find anything else on time.  I think it is very flattering and I love the cold shoulder detail.  It cost’s €40.54 and you can BUY IT HERE.









If your prefer to cover your arms up then opt for this gorgeous skater style dress from ASOS.  It cost’s €54.05 and you can BUY IT HERE.









This is a gorgeous option for a hen party dress and yes, a LOT more expensive but I love the way it shows off the figure and the sleeve detailing and buttons are gorgeous.  BUY it here.









If you have been working hard on your figure ahead of your wedding and want to show it off this is the perfect option.  It cost’s €43.24.  BUY IT HERE. 








This heavily embellished tulle mini prom dress from ASOS is soooo pretty.  It cost’s €114.86 and you can BUY IT HERE.





I really love this dress.  I found it on ASOS, it cost’s €94.59 and you can BUY IT HERE. 








Who says your hen party dress HAS to be all white? I was going to get this embellished dress from Frock and Frill for my hen party also before I found the beaded dress.  It cost’s €89.19 and you can BUY IT HERE. 










If you love EMBELLISHED flapper style dresses then check out Frock and Frills gorgeous range.  This dress costs 145.00 and you can BUY IT HERE. 







I have to say I just adore this dress from Frock and Frill.  It is 135stg. and you can BUY IT HERE. 







So there you have it. A little personal update,  a few hen party ideas and nine white dress options for hen parties/ Christmas parties. With 18 days until our wedding day I highly doubt that I will get a chance to sit down to blog before then so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and New Year whatever your plans may be.  I am looking forward to our mini moon and to spending time with family and friends over the holidays. I have had a fantastic year and I am feeling so grateful, content and full of love as I enter into 2018.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement with my art classes and other ventures throughout 2017.

Chat to you in 2018 as Mrs O’ Connor!!!
















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