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I hope you are all having a great week.  Now that I have more time on my hands (well, kind of! ) I have decided to start updating you all and answer your questions on all thing’s wedding beauty related.

 Although I say that I now have more free time, thing’s are still quite busy with me.  I started back to work at the start of January after the an extended Christmas break.  Of course, with the new school term comes new term planning and preparation work for classes and modules, evening parent teacher meeting’s and in general a lot of late evening’s after work in January.  Also the new Leaving Certificate art course has started so my student’s are well on their way with their new project brief’s for their official Leaving certificate examination. The pressure is on and deadlines have to be met.  Any art teachers or practical teachers reading this will understand the pressure of student project deadlines and how busy it can be!!!  I have also begun my planning and prep. for my NEW term of adult art workshops for 2018, kicking off in Strandhill in February, which sold out a lot faster than I had anticipated.  I am delighted that my adult art classes and workshops have become so popular and that everyone who attends comes away with fantastic feedback and gorgeous creations of their own. I am looking forward to meeting my new group in two weeks time.

To be honest, going back to work isn’t so bad thought when you love what you teach and thankfully I have some fabulous friends in work that make going back to work a lot easier.  As a treat to ourselves, a group of us girls have booked a little trip away to Budapest so I am counting down the days until our trip.  Also, Rory and I have booked our honeymoon so we are both looking forward to that.  More on that at a later stage…….!

So there is my little update, now let’s talk all thing’s wedding beauty!!!




With so many of you asking about my wedding hair & makeup after I uploaded a few images to my social media account’s lately, in this new blog I wanted to show you some photographs as well as talk to you about the amazing hairdressers I was so lucky to have with me on our wedding morning.  They did an amazing job, made me feel a million dollars,  kept my nerves at bay and made getting ready in the morning so lovely for us all.

I decided to write a separate blog on my wedding makeup which you can read HERE.













Wedding Hair  –  Patrick Gildea Hairdressing


If you are a regular reader of my blog you will have noticed me mention that Patrick Gildea Hairdressing in Letterkenny is where I always go to get my hair done.  I have always loved visiting this hair salon and I love how I always come away with the exact look, style and colour that I had asked for.  I have to say, this is an element that I really love about this salon, the staff take the time to sit down with you for a consultation and informal chat before diving in and getting to work.  I think that this is really important as it ensures that both the client and hairdresser are perfectly clear about what they want to achieve and ultimately are on the same wave length especially when it comes to bridal hairstyles.

I always knew that I wanted to get my hair done at Patrick Gildea Hairdressing for my wedding day.  I booked myself, my three bridesmaids Lisa, Sinead, Mairead and my mum Eileen in as soon as we got our wedding day date finalized.  As we were getting married on Saturday 23rd December at 12pm we had to be up extra early for our hair appointment and make our way to Patrick Gildeas in Letterkenny for our 7am appointment.  Some people love having the hairdresser come to their house on their wedding morning but to be honest there was such much going on in my house and so many people there that morning that it was actually really nice to get away for a while and be pampered.

From the moment we arrived to Patrick Gildeas, the red carpet was out, champagne popped and we were treated like absolute royalty.  Patrick and his team were on hand with huge smiles, hugs and I really felt great energy off them as if they were just as excited as we were.  The atmosphere in the salon was just so genuine and lovely. Patrick had extra help on hand to give us bubbles, coffees, teas, fresh scones and croissants.  I thought this was such a thoughtful touch. We also had the entire salon to ourselves that morning and each of us had a hairdresser to ourselves which took the pressure off time wise. I think if we had of opted for one or two hairdressers coming to our house that morning, we really would have struggled with time, not to mention facilities to wash our hair, product’s needed and or course plenty of large mirrors and hairdryers!  I think the idea of having a hairdresser come to your home is nice but practically it would not have worked for us. It was such a treat to get pampered in this gorgeous stylish hair salon.

For my bridal hair style I opted for a natural, loose, no fuss up- style which was created by Kiera who also did my wedding hair trial. Kiera added in the side clip at the end to finish off the look.  Patrick was on hand to help advise all of his team and tweak anything he felt needed adjusting.  The hair stylist in Patrick Gildea’s are all amazing at their job so very little advise needed to be shared. My mother was treated like an absolute queen and I loved how they made such a fuss of her.  It made her feel so welcome and so special.  Patrick helped set her fabulous sculpture like hat in place once her hair was complete. As for my three bridesmaids, they opted for three different styles.  Lisa went for half up/half down, Sinead went for a side style and Mairead opted for hair all down with a little plait.  The only thing I had told my bridesmaids was that I was going to wear my hair up so if they could all wear their hair down with some loose curls. Apart from that I did not tell the girls what way I wanted their hair to be styled so I left it up to them as to what they wanted for themselves. We were all very happy with how their hair styles turned out and came away from the salon on a high.





















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We were all very happy with how our wedding hair styles turned out.  My hair was exactly as I had envisioned it would be for my wedding day and that alone is a great feeling. Thank you to Patrick, his team and the fabulous Kiera for taking such care of us, spoiling us and creating such beautiful looks for us for my wedding day.  If you would like to find out more about Patrick Gildea’s bridal packages I will leave contact details below.







Tel: 074 91 25476









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