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I hope you all had a lovely weekend and made the most of the mild weather on Sunday.  Spring is finally here and the evenings have started to get a little brighter!!  I don’t know about you but come the end f January I start to get a bit fed up of it being dark so early and I am just completely done with this cold, wet, wintry weather!  Monday seemed to drag for me and I am feeling a little under the weather, ( I hope I am not getting a cold!!) so let’s hope I pick up before the midterm this weekend.



Today, I wanted to show you our D.I.Y wedding seating plan. Being a creative person and having always made my own little D.I.Y projects throughout the years, when we started to plan our wedding I knew that I always wanted to design and create as much D.I.Y decor pieces for our wedding as possible. I enjoy designing and creating and having little projects to concentrate on make me happy!






Our Seating Plan Design:

I guess from the early stages of planning we didn’t really have a colour scheme or ‘theme’ in mind for our wedding day. Thankfully everything just sort of fell nicely into place and came together from the decor to the wedding style.  I was never a fan of the matchy, matchy look’s but as our wedding would be a winter wedding I knew I wanted to add sparkles, lots of candles and beautiful lighting. Overall I wanted to keep the look for our decor and venue, understated, classy and subtle.  I love colour and I think most of my friends expected a wedding something this THIS, however, when planning for a winter wedding I found myself more drawn to subtle, understated and classic colours. Plus, our wedding venue, Rathmullan house is already so beautiful with it’s twinkly light ceiling in the main dining room and gorgeous fires so I thought less is more in this case. I decided to stick to whites, creams, greens and add sparkles.  Rose gold which featured on our wedding invitation, soft light golds, sparkles and pearls featured a lot throughout most of the decor I created.  I guess I was just drawn to this subtle yet classy look for our winter wedding.



Below, I share a step by step guide and tips on how to create this D.I.Y seating plan. We didn’t start making it or putting it together until two week’s before the wedding day as we needed to finalize numbers and work out how many tables we would have.  Eventful in Donegal who just recently won Irish Wedding Stationary supplier of the year 2018, printed out the table numbers and guests names for us with a gorgeous sparkly rose gold trim, like we had for our wedding invitation covers.  Read my blog on our wedding invites HERE if you missed it.  Congratulations to Eventful on their well deserved win and success, I am delighted for Clare and Roy. I think with those things you really are better off leaving it up to the professionals.  With the help of my dad I was able to bring my vision for our table plan to life. My dad is a very creative person in his own right and has created some stunning painting’s of his own throughout the years as well as being a skilled handy man when it comes to fixing or making anything and he is always willing to help in any way he can.

Below, I show talk you through the making process to hopefully inspire and encourage any future brides & grooms out there get creative with their wedding decor.











































  1. Large sheet of thin MDF.
  2. A glue gun (or two!) with lots of glue sticks. (you will use a LOT!)
  3. Some decor pieces of your choice, such as pearls, flowers, leaves, twigs, beading, lace etc….
  4. Some pieces of timber if adding easel style legs (this is where your handy man comes in!)
  5. A drill (or a handy man to help!)



Step 1: Coming up with an idea that I was happy to settle on was the difficult part for me!  I had SO many ideas and had seen so many gorgeous, unique and interesting ways of creating your own seating plan online, at weddings I had attended and on Pinterest.  At one stage I had to choose between three different ideas and I my head was fried!!!  I settled on a Christmas bauble shape design.  On our wedding invite we feature a little Christmas bauble on the front cover sleeve so I thought it would be nice to tie the two in together.  The base was made using a thin sheet of MDF.  My dad sourced this for me in a local hardware store. Where would we be without our Daddys eh?!










edited 5





Step 2: I spent ages down in dads shed with him getting the measurements correct, ruling and drawing everything out on to the MDF board.  Dad is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these things so I left him to work out that part in the end! We used leftover envelopes from our wedding invitations and placed them on the MDF board as a guideline as to where we would place them. We knew the envelopes would be the same size as the guest name lists that Eventful would be making for us. At this stage, spending lot’s of time working out the measurements and making little changes before going ahead is so important.



Edited 1




Step 3:  As it was two weeks before the wedding and I was still at work every day, my dad went ahead and cut out the bauble shape from the MDF board and he also painted it with two coats of an off white paint.  He is so good! (Yes, I am spoilt!!)



edited 3




Step 4: As this table plan was larger than we had anticipated it to be, we needed a way for it to stand up straight so dad came to the rescue again and he made some easel style legs which he attached to the back of the board so it could then stand upright.





edited 2




Step 5: Next, I collected the guest names and table list from Eventful and then it was over to me to measure out where they would go marking each space carefully with pencil.  This actually took me a few hours to do!!! It was a slow process! I used a thinner brand of double sided stickly tape especially for delicate craft projects like this to attach each table number/list of guests names to the board.  This did take a long time to be honest and lot’s of tea breaks!!



edited 6





Step 6: Next, I got my trusty glue gun out along with the supplies I had gathered up such as flowers (fake!) and pearls which I would then use to decorate it.  I have to be honest there really was no plan when it came to decorating, I just went with the flow. I really enjoyed this part.





edited 7




Step 7: I glued each flower, leaf and hung the pearls in place judging where to put them as I went!








Step 8: We then transported it to Rathmullan House (only 15min from where we live!) in my dads jeep.  I genuinely would not have been able to create this piece without him lets face it!!





So if you are a bride to be and you fancy getting creative with your wedding decor for a more personalized touch to your day feel free to use my guidelines above in creating your own table plan.  Alternatively I love this, this and this idea on Pinterest.  I had fun creating this piece with my dad. I also created all of our table decor, a welcome sign, toilet baskets and a couple of other little bit’s and pieces for our wedding which I hope to share with you soon.  There was LOADS more that I had wanted to make but with still being at work and not having as much free time as I would have needed I had to be realistic and draw the line somewhere.

If you want to check out my PINTEREST Wedding board for more wedding inspiration’s I have now made it public and you can view it HERE.




Happy Creating!!!







Thank’s for Reading,











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