My Art

My Love of Art..

How it began .. After secondary school I completed a one year BA Hons Diploma in art and design in Limavady. This course was very intense with long hours and a massive work load concentrating on developing my portfolio. I knew that I wanted to continue pursing my passion for art so I made the decision to go to Art College. I studied a BA (Hons) in fine Art painting at University of Ulster in Belfast for three years. After completing my degree I did a Hons H.Dip in Art Education at the Crawford college of Art and Design in Co. Cork.

Every so often I find that my work can become quite versatile, from very loose expressive cityscapes to more detailed, portrait fashion themed paintings which I feel helps keep things interesting for me as an artist.

Like many artists I don’t like to get bogged down on a particular style, although for the past year my work has
featured young women and fashion quite a bit, which has received a lot of attention.

This is definitely a style I absolutely love working with and something I will continue to develop. It seems natural that fashion feeds into my work as it is an area that I have always had an interest in.

The aim of my fashion themed work is to create art to reawaken our senses to the luxury and brilliance of a fine moment in glamour, of haute couture, to the refinement of a stunning scene. I love to create Art that is drenched in high fashion reverie in the unmistakable allure of cinematic moments. Also in my work I like to convey a narrative by providing elements for the viewer to piece together into his or her own story.

I have displayed a sample of my Art and sketchings below for you.. Click to view some larger images.

Get in touch if you have any queries on where you can see my exhibitions / purchase prints.

Zara xo