Should you go to Art College?

            Hey!     Today, I am back with a topic that is a little bit different and one that is quite personal to me.  I get a lot of people contacting me to ask for advice about Art college. Should they go to Art college, was it worth it, will it help them[…]


My CreativeKidz Summer Art Camp

    CreativeKidz Summer Art Camp     Today, I am a feeling very content, inspired and a little tired!  I have just finished a very productive, fun and creative week at CreativeKidz Summer Art camp in Donegal.  As most of you probably know by now, I am a secondary school art teacher and currently[…]


A Thousand Words Paints a Picture | ZAP Designs

‘A thousand words paints a picture’ – ZAP Design by Pol Gallagher is the brainchild of Letterkenny architect ‘Pol Gallagher’. Pol is a childhood friend of mine and throughout our school days he was always drawing and doodling designs and portraits for his friends.  It is no surprise to any of us that[…]